An innovative money disbursement system


About Us

Our team is specialized in many business industries which will help us to get vendors and make new companies which will use Biten as one of the payment methods.
Our mission is to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life and manage to get as many as possible vendors to use our cryptocurrency as method of payment for the goods and services.

Premine we have will be used mainly for the marketing (exchanges listings, bounties, campaigns) and development/infrastructure costs.

We have already invested $80.000 worth of BTC in this project (we didn't spent all,we have budget for future project development).
The most of our investments are going into offices leasing,server rentals and staff salaries.
Every of 5 investors have locked 50.000 BITENs from premine which will be released sometime in mid of 2019 and with that we have 5 dedicated people who will work hard to get Biten to the top of the game and get best out of their investments.